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Episode 332

My Biggest Mistake & Top 5 Lessons of 2023 | Ep. 332

WOW. 2023 is almost over and I have some huge lessons and a few mistakes. I share them here today as there is some real value in them… and I’m hoping you can learn from a few of mine. Let’s dive-in and reveal the “juicy” stuff.


Here is what I cover on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast:

  • One lesson that nearly killed me…and is now giving me tremendous life.
  • My biggest mistake and why I’m such a knucklehead. 
  • Why my “Reinvention Series” (Ep. 301-306) was extremely scary to share but that I’m now so grateful to have revealed the back-story to the last few years. WOW—major eye-opener.
  • How a conversation with Rory Vaden in May of this year changed the trajectory of my 2023.
  • How Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and her persistence to get checked for Sleep Apnea may have saved my life. Literally.
  • How & why Pastor David Jeremiah challenged me to “Get outside my comfort zone” and step into some scary things. And why I’m now grateful for that.
  • How and where to best serve to make the most impact.
  • Why I’m so grateful for my family and what some of our trips/vacations and “time” together allowed me to do.
  • Gratitude. I’m so tremendously grateful for many things, including this podcast and so many of you who listen in. Thank YOU!


This one is deep. As I sink my teeth into working on my own “God-Sized Dreams Planner 2024” (Part 1) and reflect on 2023, it brought such poignancy and clarity on my Top Lessons and even my mistakes. I wanted to share the “big” ones with you to hopefully speak even more life into you as 2024 soon approaches. 


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