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Episode 223

My New Side-Hustle in Pro Football

I love football. I played it from age 10-25, as I was a quarterback & punter. After playing, I have trained and coached football players (NFL, college, high school, and youth) for almost 25 years now. To say it’s a passion of mine is an understatement.

Well, I recently said “YES” to a unique opportunity to be the General Manager for the local pro arena football team here in San Diego, called the San Diego Strike Force. While it’s very much a “side hustle” for me, I must admit it’s a lot of fun and I’m already enjoying working with the front office, coaching staff, and team to put together the pieces of what will be a championship first season.

In today’s IMPACT SHOW episode, I share:

– How this opportunity came about.

– Why I said YES to this opportunity, despite having my plate full of other initiatives.

– Why my wife told me that I needed to accept this opportunity and take on this role.

– How I’m spending my time now as the GM, how much time I devote to the role, and what tasks I’m doing now to prepare for a Spring/Summer 20022 season and United Bowl Championship.

– What I’m looking for in my players and why I’m so intrigued if I can replicate “championship culture” from my successful fitness business and brand into another industry/sector (pro sports & entertainment).

– 6 Lessons already learned in wearing my new GM hat.

– What’s next and my vision for the team.

Whether you are a football fan or not, today’s episode has a lot of “life lessons” in it regardless of what season you are in. Please share it with your friends, family, colleagues…and of course, those who love sports, business, or entertainment.

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