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Episode 313

My Top Takeaways from Tony Dungy, James “JB” Brown, Pastor Jeremiah, & my Alaska Cruise

I recently took a spectacular, bucket-list cruise through Alaska with Pastor David Jeremiah, Coach Tony Dungy, James “JB” Brown (CBS Sports) and about 1,000 other guests from Turning Point Ministries. While I had high expectations going into the cruise, Alaska and this experience far exceeded anything I could imagine. In one of the most unique recordings to date, I recorded this podcast on my cruise ship balcony, with fog horns going off, whales jumping in the great northern Pacific Ocean up in Alaska, with my heart & soul on absolute fire.

Here are some of the specifics of what I share in today’s episode:

  • NFL legendary football Coach Tony Dungy and his top leadership lessons and ways to success. 
  • James “JB” Brown’s #1 job with CBS Sports and why he does everything to lift up Terry Bradshaw, Boomer Esiason, and Phil Simms. 
  • My top takeaways from Pastor Jeremiah’s daily sermons over the week-long cruise.
  • Why worrying about tomorrow will do you no good.
  • The one mistake I made on the trip.
  • Why dreams are so important and what you can do to activate “dreaming” if you are stuck, stalled, or not able to dream big enough anymore.
  •  Your bucket list and why it’s important you take “mellow-yellow” time. 

All in all, there are over “10” takeaways and lessons in today’s episode. And this almost 1-hour episode is as close as you will get to being on an Alaskan cruise without actually being on one. I filmed it while on board so that you can feel every bit of what I experienced. I believe today’s message will motivate you, inspire you, help you think & dream even bigger…and ultimately I think it will touch your body, mind, and soul. And to me, that is what I LOVE.

This is one tremendously inspiring podcast episode. I believe you will get tremendous value out of it on many levels. As always, please share it with your friends, colleagues, community, and certainly anyone who you believe can benefit as well.


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