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Episode 265

Featuring Kiki Magnuson

Passion, Purpose & A Soul-Aligned Business

Happy Labor Day! Today is one of my favorite holidays as it brings me back to a special time in my life. As a matter of fact, I kick off today’s episode with a traditional little chit-chat about the power of “Laaabbbborrrr!!!!” You gotta hear this one!

As we dive deeper into the episode, I’d like to discuss the topic of a “soul-aligned business” with my friend Kiki Magnuson. Kiki is a certified nutritionist, has a background in fitness, and is a co-author of a new book that focuses on all the different aspects of creating, building, and maintaining a soul-aligned business.

As we dig into the concept of soul-aligning, you’ll learn as I did, that there are many different ways of aligning your business with your passions and purpose and ultimately allowing your soul to sing. And I LOVE that!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The meaning and importance of being part of a soul-aligned business.
  • Aligning your passion, purpose, and business/career.
  • The importance of your health, energy, and vitality in your career/business.
  • The negative impact stress has on weight loss and gut health.
  • The connection between personal care and soul alignment.
  • Kiki’s 5 pillars of good nutrition.
  • The importance of mentors and a support system.

What I enjoyed most about this conversation with Kiki is how everything connected to taking care of yourself and being surrounded by positive influence/influencers. It is crucial to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy so that you can create and maintain a business that is healthy and aligned with you…and ultimately makes your soul sing!

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Book: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business, 25 Practical Strategies from Experts, Amazon


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