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Episode 184

Pastor Gino Mingo…What are you being Fed?

I am back in the HQ with my good friend Pastor Gino Mingo, and we are following up on “Black Belt Discipleship” and what’s been going on since his book launch last month. Gino is spittin’ fire in this episode and dropping some serious gems.

In today’s episode, we specifically talk about:

– What it takes to become a disciple.

– The “Exceptional Expansion” concept and what it means to Gino.

– Great wisdom from Gino to anyone who needs to be lit up.

– How to fill yourself with positivity, good news, and how to get rid of negative self-talk.

– Gino’s discipleship and what he does for the disciples he is creating.

My friends, the wisdom imparted by Gino makes this a MUST-LISTEN to episode. Please make sure you share it with your friends, co-workers, and family or share it on your social media. Please tag me so I can reciprocate some love!

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About Gino Mingo:

Pastor, singer/songwriter, and author of Black Belt Discipleship, Gino Mingo helps people pursue Jesus through a lifestyle of radical, transformational discipleship. As a former member of both the NFL and CFL, Gino learned early on the importance of dedication and sacrifice, but that was nothing compared to the adventure he found through understanding the call of Christ. Gino and his wife, Michelle, live in San Diego, CA, with their five daughters (yes – five daughters!), where they lead ROAR MINISTRIES based on these simple guiding principles: love God, love people, and make disciples. Stay in touch with Gino at GinoMingo.com.

(If you didn’t get the chance to listen to episode 175 from April 5th on “Black Belt Discipleship,” you will for sure want to go back and listen to it.)



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