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Episode 348

Featuring Tom Dexter

Poor, Pain, & Purpose | Ep. 348 with Todd Durkin & Tom Dexter (Part 2)

We are flippin’ the script today where Coach Tom Dexter interviews Todd on the podcast. Yes, Todd is a guest on his very own show. This is “60-minutes” of absolute juice that goes into all aspects of life…literally. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


Some of the specific topics that Todd & Tom share on the IMPACT SHOW include:

  • What it was like growing up the youngest of 8-Durkin’s. The challenges, lessons, and deep gratitude of his upbringing.

  • Where did Todd get his “energy” and was he always like that?

  • How have the numerous challenges, losses, and pains ultimately fuel Todd’s successes.

  • When and how did you find your divine uniqueness.

  • What is your superpower and how do you best use that to serve people.

  • How can you best “serve the person who you most used to be.”

  • TIME and how and why it has taken on a “different” value these days.

  • What’s next for Todd & what he’s most excited for with each of them.

  • 6-principles Todd is living by these days and why they are important.

  • Todd’s upcoming IMPACT-X Coaching Program launching March 21st, why he’s particularly excited for it, and who it’s going to most help.


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