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Episode 297

Pump & Pray

I love getting pumped-up. I love praying. And I love speaking. Today, you get all 3. Literally. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a keynote, motivational talk, leadership event, or a chapel service… I just love sharing from the heart. And if the audience includes a bunch of young kids and I get to speak LIFE into them, then even better. And that’s what we have here today. If there’s ever a time kids need more hope, faith, love, positivity, prayer, and energy poured into them, it’s NOW. Can I get an “amen” to that, please? And I am as committed as ever to do that.

On today’s podcast, I share a recent talk called “PUMP & PRAY” with 800+ kids at Christian Unified Schools at their chapel. Man o man, this one was well received by the kids AND the adults. Whether you’re a kid, parent, or anyone looking to be fired-up, I think you’re going to experience some great strength, energy, love, and inspiration on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast.

Here is some of what I cover on this episode:

– Challenges. While none of us like going through them, they can be of great value if we use them properly.
– The 5-Ways to get through the toughest of challenges.
– PUMPED-up. Top ways to get your Body, Mind, and Spirit “pumped-up.”
– PRAYER. The power of prayer and the power of praying together.
– The 2-minute “Prayer challenge.” Step up to it this week!
– PREACH. 7-ways to preach without being a “thumper.”
– The Life-Transformation Challenge. 10-things to do daily for the next 30-days.
– Top Scripture and verses to support getting “PUMPED-UP,” how to “PRAY,” and the importance of your walk & testimony.
– A special prayer at the end for anyone who would like to stick around to the very end and pray WITH me.

Please share this episode. My prayer is that it helps save at least ONE kid from all the warfare they face today. Heck, ALL of us….not just kids. But I really want the kiddos to get their ears on this one this week. Please share. And if you share on your Social Media, please tag me.

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