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Episode 361

Q&A interview with Todd Durkin | Ep. 361 (Part 3 of THE ANNOUNCEMENT Series)

It’s about to get deep. Todd was recently interviewed by Coach360 News CEO Kathleen Ferguson on all things IMPACT-X Performance and LIFE. Todd shares WHY he’s doing what he’s doing, his vision and intention for what IXP is going to do nationwide, and how he’s handling all that’s going on. This is a soul-bearing episode and one that will hopefully inspire you on many different levels.


Here are some of the questions that Todd answered and discusses with Kathleen on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • You have a ton going on in many aspects of life. How are you keeping it all together and doing what you are doing?

  • What does your wife Melanie think about all this?

  • You have shared your 4-pillars of your new fitness franchise concept. Why NOW and what are you most excited for with all going on?

  • What differentiates IMPACT-X Performance from any other fitness brand out there?

  • What fears did you have prior to launch and what scares you the most about this new endeavor?

  • Both your new TRUE STRENGTH book and IMPACT-X Performance have a heavy philanthropic side to them. It seems like there is a big commitment to both suicide prevention and mental health initiatives. Please talk more about that and why you are so passionate about that…

  • You seem to be excited about the upcoming IMPACT SUMMIT live event in July. What gets you so fired-up for that and why should someone consider going to that?

  • Final thoughts. What are they? Take us inside your head…


Enjoy this episode. It was a fun, deep, and inquisitive conversation that will surely lend you great wisdom and value. If it benefits you, please share a clip or snippet of your experience on your social media or in your newsletter or email. You can tag Todd and Kathleen at:

Todd:  @ToddDurkin @impactxperformance

Kathleen:  @coach360news @kfergfit

Check out www.impactXfranchise.com or www.ToddDurkin.com for more information. 



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