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Episode 317

Q&A on Mindset, Family, & LIFE | Part 1

I love fielding your questions. Especially when it comes to a range of topics from mindset, business, adversity, family, and life. I recently had a live, in-person 1-day event in San Diego. One of the things I shared is that I would highlight some of these great people who had a question I could answer on the podcast. Well, today is the lucky day. Buckle-up because we’re about to have some fun…and GO DEEP as well.


Here are 12 questions I address/answer:

  1.   What is the threat that elite athletes have in their mental game and what do you see the need is to overcome the threat/threats?
  2.   Do you ever struggle to bring the energy to your team or clients, (i.e. feeling burnt-out or even depressed)?
  3.   What’s the craziest situation with your team that you’ve ever dealt with?
  4.   How do you keep yourself accountable and focused?
  5.   How do you turn it off when you are with your family?
  6.   How do you work on being present in every situation?
  7.   What is your advice for someone who wants to coach his/her PT clients on “mindset”?  Where do I even start?
  8.   How did you get involved with the home rebuild in Tijuana, MX?
  9.   If you could start from scratch today, what would you get rolling immediately?
  10.       How do you know when it’s time to make a shift in life and or business?
  11.       What is the best way to stop worrying about the future and past?
  12.  If your wife or loved-one was diagnosed with cancer, how would you deal with the darkness and manage your life and business?



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