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Episode 307

Spittin’ Fire–Humble, Hungry, Healthy, & Holy

Every now and then, I just want to spit some fiyaaa…and that’s what we have here today! Buckle up my friends as we’re coming in hot today with some extra fuel for your tank. My hope is that it ignites your mind, body, & soul even more. My challenge for you this week is to play ALL-OUT. All gas. No brakes. Can you feel me? If so, listen-in to this “Spittin’ Fire” episode and get some extra pep in your step TODAY. Here. We. GOOO!!

Here are some of the things that we spittin’ in today’s episode: 

  1. Are you winning the “inside game?”
  2. Are you ready to step INTO the person you are divinely designed to be…
  3. What’s INSIDE of you that still needs to get out…
  4. Why “will, courage, tenacity, spirit, fervor, passion, love, and empathy” will help you step into the best version of you…and why NOW is that time!
  5. What is it you are willing to do TODAY so you can manifest GREATNESS tomorrow…
  6. How to remain “hungry,” stay “humble,” get “healthy,” and be “holy”…
  7. Are you ready? If so, buckle-up and let’s GO. It’s time to play your BEST!

BOOM. Nothing but straight fire. Don’t forget to “save” this episode as you can always replay it when you need a little extra “juice” for the days you gotta dig deep in the well. 

Please share this episode with anyone you know who might need a tad more motivation, energy, positivity, inspiration, or just some “juice” for the day. Thank you!


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