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Episode 344

Spittin-Fire: Soul-Singing Time from the Mountains | Ep. 344

There’s nothing that makes my soul-sing more than being in the mountains, getting some great “mellow-yellow” and “blue-sky” time, getting some adventure in the morning, and talking shop with some of the most successful entrepreneurs & amazing souls on the planet in the afternoon. Well, you’re going to feel today’s episode as it’s 20:20 seconds of my “soul” coming at you from a dock on a frozen lake in Whitefish, MT, at one of the most incredible properties you will ever step foot on. Trust me on this one and listen in. If you don’t feel the energy in this one, check your pulse.


Here is what is in today’s episode recorded from The Homestead (Whitefish, MT) after a 4-day Retreat with my IMPACT-X Group:

  • Greetings from beautiful Whitefish, MT, and WHY my soul is singing after a 4-day retreat with my “IMPACT-X” coaching group.
  • WHAT is making your soul sing?
  • WHO is making your soul sing?
  • HOW are you making your soul sing?
  • 4-Takeaways from my IMPACT-X Retreat and how these 4-things can help your soul sing…
  • 5-ways to make your soul-sing, regardless of where you live, what you do, and your current state of being. This will help you turn it up a few notches.
  • The “A, B, C, and D’s” all of us need to continue to evolve to the next level in business, career, and life.


I hope you enjoy the return of some “Spittin’-Fire.” If you like it and want more of these short, punchy, soulful episodes, please let me know. Simply share an IG story from the episode and tag me in it.

IG & Twitter(X): @ToddDurkin

FB: @ToddDurkinFQ10



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