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Episode 231

Stuck in the Snow

I was recently in Whitefish, MT, and got stuck in the snow. Literally. Not only did my car skid off the road once and get “stuck in the snow,” our return flight home was canceled, and we got stuck in Montana for an extra 5-days. I recorded this episode from Montana while it was about 3-degrees outside, and I was literally STUCK in the snow. I wanted to share my thoughts about what happens when life throws you a curveball and you react/respond to news contrary to your original plan.

Specifically, I share 7 things you can do to get your mind right when you are stuck in any area of your life. It could be your health, a relationship, work, family, or even your mindset holding you back. And how do you shift your mindset when you are frustrated, frazzled, anxious, or unsettled about the unknowingness of “what’s next?”

Buckle up, put on your skis or snow shoes, and enjoy this audio message recorded from the chair I sat in every morning admiring one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I think you will “hear it” in my voice.

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