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Episode 207

TD Spittin’ Fire – Hurdles, The Devil & Pain

I’m pumped to share 3 things on my heart today. The first one is about “hopping hurdles.” As I get ready to take my oldest son Luke to college this week, I share a lesson about a recent conversation with him about “hopping hurdles” and how to get to the decision-makers in life. Regardless of your age, this is a timeless message that will help one get far in life. Additionally, a shoutout to fellow Jersey girl Marie Forleo who shares “Everything is Figureaoutable.”

The second topic I discuss stems from a question that Pastor Miles McPherson recently asked me on our recent Tuesday night Bible study. Pastor Miles asked, “Do any of you have a relationship with the devil?” 

I was a bit taken back at first but as he explained more I realized we all have a contract with the devil in some way. You gotta hear this one.

Lastly, I share some of the back pain that I have been enduring over the past few months and my best practices to not let the pain take over my being, including how to conquer the Pain/Fear loop.

I think you’re gonna really enjoy today’s, IMPACT Show. If so, please share it with a friend, family member, or co-worker.

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