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Episode 325

The A, B, C’s of LIFE with Todd Durkin | Ep. 325

Buckle-up your boot-straps boys & girls as I’m back in front of 1,200 kiddos talking about something really important in today’s day…the “A, B, C’s of Life” for ALL people. I absolutely cherish every opportunity to speak to all the students, teachers, and admin at Christian H.S. I know how important “chapel” is for Pastor David Jeremiah and how he’s made it one of the central focus-points in a week for the entire school. So it’s time for me to light up the stage and do some “preaching.”


In today’s “A, B, C’s of LIFE” podcast episode, here is some of what I share:

  • “Attitude” and how and why “Attitude” plays a crucial role in one’s success.
  • “Belief” and why believing is so hard in today’s day, unless… you’re “Philippe and willing to get in the wheelbarrow and go across Niagara Falls with NO ONE looking.”
  • “Consistency” and how & why consistency is so uber important today.
  • “Dreams” and how your “God-Sized Dreams” can occur when your attitude, belief, and consistency are all dialed-in.
  • 10- Ways to Discover your Dreams and manifest them.
  • How not to be dictated by your circumstances and in turn to trust your whispers.
  • My Top quotes and verses relating to the “A, B, C, and D’s of LIFE.”


Be sure to tune-into the entire episode. I think you’re going to love this one as the energy from the stage is palpable. Please LISTEN/WATCH, and then SHARE on your Social media. Please be sure to tag me on…

IG: @ToddDurkin

YT: @ToddDurkinFQ10

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