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Episode 289

Featuring Andrew Simpson

The Art of Great Coaching

I love studying great coaches, both past and present. That being said, I’m also aware of the lack of good coaching at various levels, including for our youth. Man, some of the stories I hear still shock me and it’s no wonder why so many young athletes end up hating their sport, or clubs, or competitive teams…and have just a bad experience. Or the young athlete gets so anxious and stressed from the pressure they feel that it ends up hurting them in multiple ways. And it doesn’t have to be this way!

Today I want to talk to the athletes. And the coaches. And the parents. And I want to bring on one of my most esteemed colleagues when it comes to dealing with youth athletics and coaching. His name is Andrew Simpson and he is creating extraordinary IMPACT in youth athletics. His newest book, “ATHLETE! I’m Talking to You” just came out and he’s on a crusade to help kids of all ages have much better physical AND mental experiences playing youth sports.

Here are some of the things Andrew and I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • The 7 Mindset Hacks to dominate sports and life for kids.
  • Why Andrew’s first book (The Youth Truth) is even more relevant right now.
  • Why Andrew wrote his new book “ATHLETE! I’m Talking to You” and how thousands of athletes will be helped because of the book.
  • Why parents MUST read this book…and then pass it or recommend it to their “favorite” coaches.
  • How adversity can prove to be an advantage for a young athlete and how these lessons transcend into later life.
  • How to take back control of your life, since so many young athletes often spiral “out of control” and their mental state significantly is diminished.
  • Practical tips for athletes and how to document your accomplishments, progress, wins, and challenges.
  • We (Andrew and I) role play and give coaching to the athletes for specific situations.

Parents, athletes, and coaches… if there was ever a podcast to share in today’s world for the mindset of our youth, it’s THIS one. Help spread the gospel and help make our youth athlete experiences better. Take a picture of this episode and please post it on your IG Stories. Please tag Andrew Simpson and me so we can reciprocate some love.

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Noteworthy Quote:

“You’re only as happy as your saddest child.”  – Larry Indiviglia

About Andrew Simpson:

Andrew Simpson and his team at Player’s Fitness and Performance have ignited a movement across the globe to help millions of student-athletes regain confidence, restore joy and passion, and perform at peak potential without suffering the debilitating mental health challenges so many kids are facing today. Through books, events, the gym, and their platform, the PFP team has already impacted thousands of youth athletes, parents, and coaches, and are on track to reach millions.

Get Andrew’s Book NOW:  “ATHLETE! I’m Talking To YOU!” and 20% of the proceeds will go to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation. Bundles available!



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