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Episode 186

Featuring Rachele Jaegers

The Crusade to Change Lives and Save Life’s

Time to buckle up the boot-straps and get ready to hear the story of a gal whose business exploded during the pandemic. Meet Rachele Jaegers, a woman on a mission to change and save lives through her online fitness platform that she has built to over 400 members. She is now on a crusade to inspire people to be better. Whether you are a fit-pro, fitness-fanatic, or an average Jane and Joe, you will love this episode with Rachele. I’m so proud of what she has created, and she’s come a long way since I first met her several years ago at an IDEA Conference, and she became part of my Mastermind program.

Today, Rachele talks about:

– How the COVID Pandemic changed VFIT Studio & deepened her purpose and passion.

– The advantage VFIT Studio had already been an online platform for four years before Covid.

– How she more than doubled her business to over 400 members during the COVID Pandemic and connected her community deeper than ever.

– What makes VFIT Studio unique?

– The Future of Fitness and why brick & mortar and online fitness will both thrive.

– Why she joined the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and continues to be a valuable part of the Mastermind community today.

Rachele is a soulful woman with a great story filled with tons of inspiration & wisdom.

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