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Episode 322

“The Devil Wants to Take You Out of the Game” | Ep. 322

Buckle-up my friends…I’m going deep today. I was recently on the phone with my great friend and client, Pastor David Jeremiah. “Dr J” always provides such wisdom and insight and this conversation was no different. The only problem was that he was in the hospital getting a battery of tests, despite them all coming up “negative.” And then he said it. He said, “Todd, I know exactly what this is. My book ‘The Great Disappearance’ is coming out in a few weeks (Oct 3rd) and I know exactly what is happening. The enemy doesn’t want this to come out. The devil is trying to take me out of the game.”


WOW. Here he is in a hospital room waiting to see the “diagnosis” and he knew exactly what it was. Man, this man, just continues to IMPACT me even from a hospital room. 



Today, I want to share a few thoughts on this conversation:

  • How does “Dr. J” keep this mindset, even when facing a little health scare.
  • 5-things to do when the devil is trying to take you out of the game.
  • The 1-thing that “Dr J” said will NOT happen during this interesting time. 
  • Why the devil does some of his best work right before something “BIG” is going to happen in your life.
  • Why I’m excited for you to read “The Great Disappearance.”
  • 4 Ways to keep your eyes on the Highest Prize.
  • 4 Ways to be a great Encourager. 
  • Thoughts from Viktor Frankl and “Man’s Search For Meaning” and my takeaways from Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  • Why I needed to share this lesson from Pastor Jeremiah with you today.
  • Some “SOUL FUEL” at the end (epilogue) to share some “and then some” thoughts, a prayer, and accept some prayer requests. 


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