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Episode 306

The Reinvention Series Finale | What if You Haven’t Even Met You Yet?

As the Reinvention Series draws to a close, it’s only fitting that it ends on a STRONG note. In many ways, we are always “reinventing.” Sometimes small. Sometimes big. As I’ve shared in the last 5-episodes, the past 3-years challenged me to the brink and forced me to do some serious  soul-searching. Fortunately, this has also brought me a new level of depth, experience, and excitement that brings me too today.

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • Why I’m so excited about our new rebrand at Todd Durkin Enterprises and our new initiatives.
  • 4 reasons WHY now may be a great time to “reinvent” yourself or your brand.
  • 4 things we are specifically doing now in our newly inspired Todd Durkin Enterprises “Rebrand” and that will ultimately create more IMPACT.
  • Why I’m pumped-up that the “Dose of Durkin” is back…and what you can expect to receive when you’re signed-up for that.
  • Why the team and I are ecstatic for the new “Todd Durkin IMPACT Life-Coaching Certification” to drop this Fall so that we can grow & expand our team of coaches and ultimately scale the IMPACT that we’re about to create.
  • 10 questions to answer to Reinvent Yourself or Your Brand.
  • A guided visualization to answer the question, “What if you haven’t even met YOU yet?”

Enjoy today’s episode. As you do your own soul-searching about how you create and live with your deepest joy & happiness, passion & purpose, and success & fulfillment, it’s crucial to make sure your talents, gifts, passions, and values all align. Between digging deep through adversity and challenge, working through pain that can help you discover a deeper purpose, and tapping into your whispers, this will help you live your best life.

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