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Episode 303

The REINVENTION Series…And Then My Back Broke

While last week’s episode was my deepest one up to that date, this one today takes the icing on the cake. In early 2021, I was diagnosed with an extremely serious back condition that was going to lead to a 14-hour back surgery. I was already burnt out. I was already shot. I had just had my second knee replacement six weeks prior. And I was now facing the biggest physical challenge in my 50 years of living. And today, I discuss  ALL OF IT and why this episode will go down as my deepest episode in the history of the IMPACT SHOW. And I hope I don’t have one in the future that tops this one.

Specifically, in today’s episode, I share:

  • What happened to my back, the diagnosis, and why my doctor asked me if I had served in Afghanistan.
  • What happened on February 17, 2021, and how my 20th wedding anniversary soon changed from a great day to one of misery.
  • My trip to Sedona, AZ, and how I couldn’t even walk.
  • Why I was sleeping only 3-4 hours a night and why I was relying on Tylenol PM to try and sleep more.
  • My back brace and why I didn’t tell anyone about my back.
  • My visit to the “Back Deformity Specialist” and how and what he said to me was permanently etched in my head.
  • My breakdown in March 2021 and what Melanie said to me that I will never forget.
  • What happened to my back in Cabo, Mexico, and how it almost led to a trip to an Emergency Room in Mexico.
  • Dropping my son Luke off to college his freshman year but why I was stuck in my hotel room.
  • Epidurals, painkillers, six back doctors, and a lot of PAIN!
  • What pain does to your mind, how pain zaps your energy, and why it’s so hard to serve others when you are in chronic serious pain.
  • My Top Lessons from the “year of hell” and what I would say if/when you go through a bout of serious pain.
  • Broken or blessed? How my faith carried me through the desert when I had very little left.
  • What happened, how I avoided surgery, and some of my top hacks to “get out of pain” almost a year later.

My friends, this was a very difficult episode to share. It was one of the darkest periods of my life. While most didn’t know what I was battling, I found solitude and peace in serving and creating as it fed my soul. I think it will make sense when you listen to the story but I’m so grateful and happy today that I got through it. I share it because you can probably relate in some way. Whether you had physical pain or mental anguish, a massive challenge you had to overcome, or perhaps you are there today….or tomorrow, my hope is that you can come back to this episode at any time and realize that “GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT” is way more than just a saying or mantra. It’s a way of life.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me this space and podcast a great place to share. And thank you for listening or watching. And thank you for your feedback. I read every single text, DM, email, and message. Please keep them coming.

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