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Episode 353

Featuring Robin Sharma

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy with Robin Sharma | Ep. 353

When my podcast started in 2018, I had a Top “10” list of guests I wanted on the IMPACT SHOW. And one of the people on that list was Robin Sharma. He was actually in my TOP 5. Six (6) years later, he is making his debut on the podcast and I must say it’s a “Top 5 ALL-Time” personal favorite episode now (out of 353 episodes). I’ve actually known Robin for a long-time  as I have participated in his live events, been a part of his past coaching programs, and have read every single one of his books. And they are good!

I believe you will hear the mutual respect Robin and I have for one another and it’s an honor as I consider Robin not only one of the most prolific, well-known, and popular authors of our modern era (literally), I also see him as a humanitarian, philanthropist, leader, and genuinely one of the men who make our world a BETTER place to live. And that is not just vernacular. Listen to this episode and you will hear/see exactly what I’m talking about. It is 73-minutes FULL of Mind, Body, and Soul Fuel. 

Robin and I had a fascinating talk and it went deep. Here are some of the questions/topics we share on Episode #353:

  • Get to Know Robin Sharma “Rapid Fire Questions.”

  • What would you tell your younger self?

  • What are 3 of your top habits that you personally adhere to in order to consistently produce “world-class” work?

  • Is Robin Sharma who wrote The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari (1998) the same guy today?

  • When you write a book what do you do to make it a bestseller?

  • What is a “creative cottage” and why is it important for you to have one?

  • What were your main reasons for writing this book that took you a full year out of your life?

  • You have mentored some of the world’s most financially successful people (entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and iconic brands). What have you learned about them and from them as well as the traps they face when they reach material success?

  • Tell me WHY you write in your book that “money is just one of the many forms of wealth”?

  • You share in the book the concept about “10,000 dinners.” Please explain the concept.

  • Why do you say to do something scary every 3-months?

  • Why should we put our “last day” first?

  • Why do you say we only need six feet?

  • What is Robin Sharma’s Legacy? 

WOW-o-WOW. If I had to admit, this was undoubtedly one of my favorite interviews of all time. Robin is a living legend and one of the most iconic humanitarians of our time. It was a pure honor to have him on the IMPACT SHOW and share some of his craft with us. I do indeed hope that it not only made you better today, but that it IMPACTS you for a lifetime. Thank you.

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