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Episode 336

Featuring Amber Kivett

This woman creates MAGIK! Meet TD Mastermind Member of the Year Amber Kivett | Ep. 336 (VIP Series)

Sometimes you see growth in someone that is astonishing. Sometimes you see something in someone that you know is destined for greatness. And sometimes you just know when someone has the “it” factor. Meet Amber Kivett. She has all of that…and then some. I met Amber in 2008. She became part of the “Todd Durkin Mastermind” in 2012. She has had a meteoric rise since then and she is creating a whole ton of IMPACT in the world today…and it’s only getting better. I am so proud of Amber and all she has done, is doing, and about to do in 2024. Well, let me just say this…tune in now and I think you will understand.


Here is some of what Amber and I talk about on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast:

  1. How the heck did you used to tape Drew Brees’ ankles back at Purdue in the college days?

  2. Take us back to Perform Better Chicago, where we first met and where you were at when we first met…

  3. 12+ years later, you win the 2023 “Todd Durkin Mastermind Fit-Pro of the Year Award.” What does that award mean to you?

  4. What does the “TD Mastermind” mean to you overall?

  5. Do you have a favorite memory or two from the Mastermind over your 12+ years…

  6. What are your Top 2 or 3 big accomplishments this past year?

  7. Share 2-3 of your BIG goals for 2024.

  8. If there was one person on your team you wanted to give a special shout out to who would that be and why?

  9. If someone was a fit-pro, trainer, or coach, why should they consider joining the Todd Durkin Mastermind?

  10. Where’s the best place someone could find you, follow-you, or follow-up with you??

  11. Where is Amber Kivett going to be in 3-years?

My friends, don’t miss this episode. When I say it’s pure fire…you will hear the passion, purpose, and conviction in Amber’s voice. Once you listen to it, please share the “good news” on your IG stories and social media. It will help us spread IMPACT! Please tag us at:

IG: @ToddDurkin @kksmagik

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