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Episode 321

Faith, Fitness, & Food—3 Elements to Integrate When Times Get Tough | Ep. 321

I’m speaking to someone today. Not sure if you are facing any challenge, setback, adversity, hard-times, or some tough-luck, but chances are there might be something going on that you need to battle through. Maybe you are facing some stress, frustration, or anxiety, and need to battle right now. Sometimes when you are facing these things, we forget what we should do, or we just don’t do what’s necessary, to endure through the deepest of challenges. If I’m speaking to you, TODAY’S podcast is going to speak LIFE into your mind, body, and spirit.


Here is what we cover:

  • Why Faith is crucial to lean into when something “bad” happens; and why it’s crucial to lean into when something “good” happens as well.
  • My “Top 10” favorite verses to help you battle when you are facing tough times.
  • How should you use fitness as a tool during tough times.
  • Why food is a “comfort” thing and how to fight the temptation to go off the “deep-end” when you are facing stress or struggle.
  • What are some things you SHOULD eat and NOT eat, during times of high stress. 
  • How NOT to be guided and dictated by feelings and emotions.


Drop an “Amen” if you needed to hear this message today. Furthermore, please share it on your IG stories and tag me @ToddDurkin. 


Go create a great day. Eat well. Move your body. And double down on your faith-walk. After all, Faith, Fitness, and Food can help you get through anything. #WeGotThis


A special thank you Susan Hannifin-MacNab, author of “A2Z Healing Toolbox” for asking today’s question on my TEXT COMMUNITY. She wins a vintage grey hoodie and lots of love for the great question. Also, be sure to pick up her book here, or even listen to the episode that she was on which she shares her extraordinary life story. 

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