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Episode 181

Featuring Jameis Winston

Thoughts on Training, Leadership, Football, & LIFE

It’s great to have 7-year NFL QB Jameis Winston on the podcast today as we are talking all things football, training, mentorship, and life. Jameis is the heir apparent QB for the New Orleans Saints after spending the last year under the tutelage of Drew Brees and the previous 5-years to that with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis is a former Heisman Trophy winner and #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

On today’s IMPACT SHOW, we talk about:

– Why Jameis came out to San Diego to train

– What Jameis believes it takes to be great

– Lessons learned working with his mentor Drew Brees

– What Jamies does to “Get his Mind Right”

– Tasting the Top and Tasting Adversity; Jameis’ tips for perseverance

– How growing up with 20-kids in the house helped make him who he is today

– How to embrace the struggle

– What the world needs to know about Jameis Winston

– What Jameis is most looking forward to in the future

I believe you’re really going to really enjoy today’s Show. Jameis was awesome and he was so grateful to be on the Show. I believe you will feel his vibrant energy, excitement, and authenticity throughout the Show. If you enjoy it, please SHARE this episode. Simply snap a picture of the cover and share it on your social media or text a link to the IMPACT Show to your favorite people.

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:32 – What Brought Jameis to San Diego

1:25 – What Has Been Happening in Jameis’s Life

4:12 – What it Takes to Be Great

5:40 – Greatest lessons learned from QB & Mentor Drew Brees

8:45 – What does Jameis do to “Get His Mind Right”?

11:18  – Tasting the Top and Tasting Adversity

14:21  – Advice to high school athletes

16:53 – How much of Jameis’s story makes him who he is today?

17:57  – Advice and hope to someone who may be struggling

18:55  – How do you “embrace the struggle”?

20:04 – Iron Sharpens Iron concept

21:18 – What the world needs to know about Jameis Winston

21:57 – How do you keep the light lit?

23:45 – What Jameis is most looking forward to in the future

25:00 – Do you feel like you need to fill the shoes of Drew Brees?

26:35 – What does the word IMPACT mean to you and what legacy do you want to leave?

27:30 – Final words of wisdom from Jameis



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