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Episode 334

Top 10 Highlights of the 2023 Todd Durkin IMPACT Show | Ep. 334

I’m pumped to share with you some of our top highlights of the IMPACT SHOW from 2023! Man, it has been a great year with so many amazing guests and deep shares that it was hard to come up with just 10 “clips” or moments. But voted on by the team, here are “10” highlight moments from the following episodes:

  1. The Devil’s Trying to Take You Out of the Game | Ep. 322 
  2. The REINVENTION Series…It’s About to Get Deep | Ep. 301 
  3. This Nearly Killed Me…My Deepest Episode to Date | Ep. 302
  4. And Then My Back Broke [Ep. 3 of Reinvention Series] | Ep. 303
  5. Broken or Blessed? The Mindset to Get to the Other Side | Ep. 304
  6. Pump & Pray | Ep. 297
  7. Cancer, Prison, Inspiration…and a Whole Lot of Yoga! with Denice Druce | Ep. 330 
  8. Meet Jack LaLanne–An American Hero & the Godfather of Fitness – interview with Elaine LaLanne | Ep. 291
  9. YOU OWE YOU with “ET The Hip-Hop Preacher” (Eric Thomas) | Ep. 287
  10. My Top Takeaways From the Alaskan Cruise with Tony Dungy, James Brown and Pastor Jeremiah | Ep. 313

It has been one heckuva year and the team and I are tremendously grateful for you listening to the IMPACT SHOW throughout the past year. Thank you and we greatly look forward to serving you in 2024. As always, if you could please share this episode on your IG stories or Social Media, we would greatly appreciate it. 

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FB: www.Facebook.com/ToddDurkinFQ10


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