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Episode 237

Transformation: Coaching Greatness

Bonus, bonus! That’s right – we’ve got a bonus podcast for you this week! We have been highlighting transformation stories and the power of coaching this week and I have two super special women on this bonus podcast! Lizzie Merritt and Linda Evans have been friends of the show for a long time, both have been long-time clients and both have gone through my MPACT Coaching program with me.

First, you’ll meet Lizzie Merritt. She is thoughtful, mindful, and a devoted mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She had just experienced a change in her career path and was looking to define her purpose and get a clear direction on her professional life when we started working together. She discovered it and is now a weight-loss coach for Noom, and soon for the G.S.D. program! You will love Lizzie’s story of professional transformation.

Then you’ll hear Linda Evans. Linda has been a client of mine for more than 20 years and she drives one hour each way to come train with the Fitness Quest 10 team. Linda had a very interesting transformation of her own recently. She started with the IMPACT Coaching program after leaving her corporate job and was looking for what was ‘next’ for her professionally; she ended up on a personal journey of healing and is flourishing today.

Both Lizzie and Linda have gone through transformations that have changed their lives in more ways than one. And they are now helping others in ways they didn’t imagine they could. They worked hard to overcome what was holding them back and are now living a life they’ve intentionally designed. You are going to love listening to their stories.

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