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Episode 290

What is a Hero & Meet Mine “Hero Series–Part 1”

If there’s ever a time the world needs more heroes, it’s NOW. And heroes don’t have to be famous, iconic, or even legendary. They can come from everyday walks of life. Today is the first episode of my new “Hero Series” where I will be featuring a few heroes from all walks of life over the next several weeks. While some may be well known or have strong followings, some are everyday people who are making a difference and creating IMPACT in the world today.

Today, I’ll kick off the series by discussing:

  • The definition of a hero.
  • Some of my past & present heroes…and WHY they are my heroes!
  • 3-ways we all can be a hero to the people we serve.
  • Questions and thoughts to challenge you even further to serve the people in your community and life.

I hope this episode inspires and motivates you to step up and be the best version of yourself. Please share this episode and help spread the love. Buckle-up over the next few weeks as we will be dropping some epic motivational content & interviews. And it all starts TODAY!!

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Noteworthy Quotes from Today’s Episode:

“The purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose.” – Robert Byrne

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

“Your purpose is to use what you do best (talent) to do work you love (passion) to produce results that matter to you (mission).” – Ken Coleman

 “You will never regret a great workout.” – Todd Durkin



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