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Episode 283

Why Wait? Create Your BEST Year Now!

Happy New Year! Who else is excited for 2023? So many reasons to be pumped up for the start of the New Year. As a matter of fact, I got so pumped up at the beginning of today’s show that I caused a little power outage. All good. Nothing the “dream team” couldn’t handle. ENJOY!!

In today’s episode, I pose five important questions that I highly encourage you to answer this week. I believe these questions will give you increased clarity, focus, momentum, and energy for 2023. Additionally, you will hear:

  • My answers to the five questions will challenge you to go even deeper.
  • My theme for 2023 and why that theme will help me IMPACT more people.
  • One crazy thing I think about that I’ve never shared before.
  • What I’m MOST excited about in 2023.
  • Why I’m expanding my Coaching groups (Mastermind for Fit-pros & new “IMPACT-X” program for high-performers, leaders, and entrepreneurs) and why I’m pumped up for GROWTH.
  • And Then Some!

Enjoy our first episode of 2023. We are going to have some epic podcasts this year, and I’m excited to share them with you. Thanks for being such a loyal listener. Please continue to share the episodes on your social media by simply taking a photo of the episode and sharing it on your IG stories. This helps us share the light, love, and IMPACT that WILL be created.



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