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Episode 323

Featuring Christine Conti

“Yes, You Can!” with Fit-Pro of the Year Christine Conti | Ep. 323

I’ve literally been waiting for this episode since June when Christine Conti won the prestigious IDEA 2023 Fitness Instructor of the Year in Los Angeles, CA. Yes, I had to wait to record this one so I could be LIVE at the Jersey Shore with my fellow Brick, NJ, fit-fam friend in her podcast studio (Two Fit Crazies & a Microphone). This episode could easily be called “2 Fire-breathing dragons (literally) and a microphone” and you will see WHY during the show.


Christine Conti has one heckuva story that epitomizes her “Yes You Can” mentality, attitude, and brand. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis at age 30, this former investment banker and English teacher first transformed her life…and now she transforms others. She’s a chronic disease specialist, a best-selling author, a keynote speaker, and life-transformer. She truly is a woman of IMPACT and she’s determined to show the world that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 


Here is specifically what I cover on this week’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • A walk-down memory lane from our cherished memories in Brick, NJ (both of our hometown’s), including an interesting story when we first met and how that was part of Christine’s journey to leave teaching. Hey, it’s not my fault!
  • We talk about Christine’s journey, a truly inspiring and mind-blowing ascent, going from a career in investment banking to teaching, then finding her way to the Fit-Pro life! And now she’s a  world-recognized chronic disease wellness specialist, author, speaker, podcaster, IRONMAN, and a guide for athletes with diseases and disabilities.
  • Why does she believe in the mantra “Yes, you can” and lives by it every day. 
  • We go through the moment in her life, her “Come to Jesus” moment, and how she, like all of us,  got through challenging periods where she questioned her sanity, thinking she’s crazy, but how that led her to her true purpose. A reminder that only the “crazies” can change the world!
  • We talked about her best-selling book, SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE. What does that mean? That is “your ability to make a choice at a split second and not think back, not regret it, not hesitate, not balk. You’ve had enough experiences, you know how to handle the repercussions of the decision you make. You have the coping mechanisms, you have the techniques in place so that whatever decision you make, you’re going to handle it.”
  • Christine’s mental toughness is a force to reckon with – she’s competed in Ironman races, a 100-mile race, and many other endurance and fitness events. Where that comes from? 
  • Why she and her co-host Brian Prendergast have such a good time on their podcast, “Two Fit-Crazies & a Microphone.
  • What’s next for Christine Conti?

I had a blast doing this in-person interview at the Jersey Shore. It was truly awesome to be “home” and inspiring to connect with Christine and share her story with you. Please share this episode with anyone you might know who you believe this would provide value to. Please also snap a picture on and post a picture on your IG or IG stories. Tag Christine and me at:

IG: @ToddDurkin and @christine_m_conti @twofitcrazies

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Don’t forget to check out Christine’s book and her podcast “Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone“. It’s all about sparking energy and spreading craziness in the world!



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