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Episode 287

Featuring Eric Thomas

YOU OWE YOU with “ET The Hip-Hop Preacher”

This is one of the more epic podcasts in podcast history. It’s with someone I’ve been following since 2006 when his legendary “When you want Success as Bad as you want to Breathe” video went viral…before videos ever went “viral.” Meet Eric Thomas, aka “ET The Hip-Hop Preacher. I met him on a recent flight and we hit it off. You’re going to FEEL the energy in this one that’s going to set your hair on fire.

And when I say I’m grateful and honored to have “ET” on the SHOW today, I am beyond blessed to have him share with us today. He went from homeless for 2-years starting at age 17 and dropping out of high-school to eventually graduating college to earning his PhD to becoming one of the most legendary motivational speakers of our generation. This is one for the ages.

Here are some of the things Eric and I discuss and some of the wisdom bombs “ET” drops on today’s IMPACT SHOW:
– You will be successful when you want success as bad as you want to breathe.
– To be able to sacrifice at any moment for what you are for who you can be.
– Pain is temporary. It may last an hour, a day, or a year. But it’s temporary. But if you quit however, it will last forever.
– Pain can be a blessing and tremendous opportunity for growth. At the end of pain, is success. Let your greatest pain become your greatest asset.
– You Owe You…Go write the check and give yourself the life you deserve.
– Be the VICTOR instead of the victim, by taking full ownership of your life now.
– How do you launch your speaking career and start speaking more?
– Eric Thomas’ 5-year plan; this one is going to blow you away.
– What does “IMPACT” mean to ET…
– Why Eric is so excited for his new book “YOU OWE YOU” and his virtual summit starting Feb 7th!

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