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Episode 240

Featuring Janet Bertrand

You’re Stronger Than You Think

Is anyone facing any challenges out there these days? Whether it’s health, mindset, career, finances, or even parenting, these struggles can take a toll on you. In my continuing series on “Unbreakable,” I’ve been spotlighting some everyday people who I find tremendously resilient and inspiring.

Today’s guest is someone I’ve known and worked with for 20 years. Her name is Janet Bertrand. Janet started out as an intern at Fitness Quest 10 and then became a personal trainer and coach and she’s been an important part of our FQ10 team ever since. She’s changed thousands of lives in her career, all while many times dealing with a lot of adversity “off the field.”

In today’s episode, Janet and I have a deep conversation about training, parenting, and life. She also shares the most recent challenging journey she’s had with her daughter Lauren who has been suffering from substance abuse for more than 10 years. Janet shares the daily mindset necessary when facing tough times, the one thing she always does to deal with the stress, pressure, and depression that can creep up, and how and why she maintains faith in all that she does. She also shares why she keeps “Showing Up!”

This is a must-listen-to episode as it’s going to strike a chord with many of you. The strength that Janet has of mind, body, and spirit is why I describe her as “unbreakable” and why I’m pumped for you to hear her inspirational story. Amazing.

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(1:11)  Todd introduces Janet Bertrand and the intention of podcast #240 You’re Stronger Than You Think.

(3:22)  Get to know Janet with some “rapid-fire questions” – her favorite exercise, cheat meal, favorite meal, and her favorite bible verse, Psalm 34:18.

(8:00)  Compartmentalizing life to endure its challenges and remain strong.

(9:52)  Janet’s definition of being unbreakable.

(11:14)  Parenting challenges with her daughter Lauren’s addiction which started in Jr. High.

(14:00)  Janet recently needed to step in due to Lauren’s most recent relapse with meth & heroin.

(16:07)  The mindset needed in order to step in as her grandson’s guardian.

(18:50)  Acres of Hope facility for mothers with young children.

(20:24) Steps taken to stay strong, and protect herself, her husband, and her family included exercise and nutrition.

(24:30)  Asking for help and utilizing resources in order to get through physical and mental challenges.

(25:48)  Dealing with parental guilt and shame.

(27:20)  Questioning her faith and why this is her journey.

(28:50)  Dealing with depression and fighting to get back to herself.

(30:35) Lessons and surprises Janet learned about herself.

(31:54)  The blessing of still having her daughter and grandson.

(35:14)  Battling anger and learning to accept the journey God needs her to take.

(37:55)  Advice to others dealing with a family member or loved one with an addiction problem – ask for help; support groups; therapy.

(40:50) Diving back into life and no longer putting my life on hold.

(42:22) What IMPACT means to Janet and the magic everyone should feel and experience when starting a new journey.

(44:55) Janet’s words to her daughter Lauren.

More about Janet Bertrand:

Janet has worked at Fitness Quest 10, alongside Todd Durkin, since 2003 and has become a well-rounded, dedicated, and inspirational personal fitness trainer. In addition to personal training and running “Miss Fits Boot Camp,” an all-women’s outdoor boot camp that runs all year long, she has developed and teaches specialty boot camps such as “B-Train’s Little Black Dress Boot Camp”. These programs have brought excitement and amazing results to women all over greater San Diego. Janet feels health and vitality are important components to living an optimal life, and encourages all her clients and boot camp attendees to embrace this philosophy. Janet is also a budding writer who in addition to writing fitness and health articles is interested in other types of writing such as fiction, poetry, and screenplays. This has been a lifelong passion that is taking amazing shape as she continues to hone her craft and learn from the best.



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