One of the most important things a business or organization can do is strengthen its culture. During Todd’s Day of IMPACT program, he will work with you to better connect your team, strengthen relationships, and ultimately, drive positive change through a one-day program. Regardless of your industry or sector, Todd customizes every “Day of IMPACT” to make sure it packs a punch, unlike anything your team has ever experienced. Todd’s “Day of IMPACT” will leave a forever impression…forever.


5 components to the Day of IMPACT program

  • Sunrise Morning Movement IMPACT Workout: This is a team-building workout where Todd coaches you through an exhilarating experience made up of a physical workout, meditation, and breath work exercises, and his legendary huddles to ignite energy that you may not have felt in a long time.
  • Maximum IMPACT in Your Life Keynote: This is a 90-minute keynote session specifically designed for your team. Todd will work with you to customize the presentation to be the most impactful and accurate to your industry and your team’s specific struggles. 
  • Breakout Sessions:
    • The “Max IMPACT” talk and what it means to live I.M.P.A.C.T.
    • Developing, amplifying, and scaling a world-class culture in your business.
    • Top Lessons from the World-Class…and how EACH pertains to YOU! With over 25 years of experience coaching and leading some of the world’s best athletes, entrepreneurs, coaches, and businesses, the value of this session alone is priceless.
  • Q&A: Attendees will have the chance to ask Todd any specific questions they may have to further their personal and professional IMPACT. This is one of the exclusive perks offered when booking a Day of IMPACT. It allows Todd to have personal conversations with your team in a way that a traditional keynote experience doesn’t offer.
  • Optional Social: Celebrate a job well done with your fellow teammates. This is a great time to connect and reflect with your team and continue to foster an environment focused on maximizing potential and success. Todd will be there to celebrate too!


The Day of IMPACT is designed to literally imprint one of the most memorable and remarkable days of one’s entire life into one day. It is as much a personal growth program as it is a business and professional development program. Afterall, you can only go as far as you grow…and that relates to every single teammate on your team.

The Day of IMPACT holds back nothing in helping your team be the BEST that it can possibly be.