Cracklings, Crawdads, and Boudin…Time to CHANGE a few things up?”

Cracklings, Crawdads, and Boudin…Time to CHANGE a few things up?” By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I was down in Lafayette, Louisiana a few weeks ago doing talks for the American Heart Association, and then a half-day “IMPACT Leadership” program for a private company specializing in oil and gas industry transportation. And a funny thing happened […]

My Fitness Journey: Ryan Rogers

I have always loved sports growing up. From a very early age, I was very active and enjoyed trying as many different sports and activities as I could. I played soccer, baseball, and flag and tackle football in grade school. In junior high I would ride my bike all over and try to jump over […]

Fallacies/Misconceptions in Training Youth Athletes

I have trained young athletes for the past seven years. It has been a great experience inspiring the youth of America and making them better all around. During my many interactions with various athletes and teams, there have been some common statements being made in regards to properly training young athletes. Some are sound and […]

The Importance of Flexibility in Athletes

One of the aspects of training that often gets pushed to the wayside is flexibility.  When we are in a crunch for time, the first thing that gets removed from the workout is stretching.  Unfortunately, that is an important aspect!  Stretching improves and maintains range of motion, reduces stiffness in your joints, reduces soreness, reduces […]