A Round-Table Discussion with our 5-Summer Interns on Training & Life

Today’s episode is with 5 of our summer interns at FQ10 & TDE where they rapid-fired some great questions to me on training, fitness business & life lessons, and a whole lot more. You’re going to love the energy & depth in this one.   This year’s group of interns, including our first business/marketing intern, put […]

IDEA World – Invest in Yourself

IDEA World Was Off The Hook Good morning!!! I just got back from LA where I was teaching at the IDEA World Fitness Conference. Over 14,000 fitness pros from over 60 countries present. It was absolutely insane energy. One of my favorite parts of these conferences is connecting with so many colleagues and seeing and […]

Are You Living with PASSION?

Are You Living with Passion? Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I delivered the keynote speech this past Sunday (March 29th) at Bedros Keullian’s Fitness Business Summit in Irvine, CA, and killed it. And because I had my 10-year old son Brady with me, I seized the opportunity and brought him up on stage for a few […]

TD Times July IMPACT! Corner Questions

Question: When you are hitting a wall with your weight. What is the best way to break through it? First, nutrition.  I always say that you can’t out-train a bad diet.  Your nutrition must be dialed in.  Eat every 3-4 hours, small-portions, focus on real foods, make sure you are getting in adequate protein (approx. […]

Waggin’ Tails

Waggin’ Tails By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS They say a dog is man’s best friend. I think they’re right. I have a 13.5-year old Golden Retriever named Sid. Sid is getting old. For his breed, he IS old. I have to carry him up the steps at night because his legs sometimes give out. His […]

A Culture of Mental Toughness

A Culture of Mental Toughness Brett Klika C.S.C.S. “Mental toughness!!” the overweight, out of shape, red faced, coach screamed as his team did their umpteenth set of “gassers” at a 10k pace.  He nodded and smirked knowingly at his coaching staff who was fervently echoing his sentiments.   They had succeeded that day.  The athletes were […]