My Fitness Journey: Meg Kruse

Meg’s Fitness Journey December 15, 2013 When I was growing up, my mother liked to tell people that until I turned 9, there was not one single home movie that showed my entire body at the same time – I was THAT active. It was either my upper body or my lower body, my back […]

Let Them PLAY!

Let Them PLAY! By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I used to love dodge ball as a kid. Running, throwing, catching, ducking, and jumping are all part of this great game. Man, what a fun game. And then there was tag. Such a basic game. But boy-o-boy, was it ever fun! Either tag someone or don’t […]

Things I Learned This Summer Teaching Young Kids

By Jeff King MA C.S.C.S. 1. Kids can be successful if placed in the right environment.   At Fitness Quest 10 we pride ourselves in fostering an environment which is energetic, encouraging, and educational. Our programs are designed to where every kid is able to achieve success throughout the camp. It was such a sight […]