Sleep We take it for granted and always want more of it. We are meant to sleep through the night without disruptions. During our restful night sleep our body repairs, recovers and restores all the damage the day has done. During exercise you tear down the muscle and with efficient hydration, nourishment and rest you […]

Recovery 101

Work hard.  Train hard.  Play even harder. If you live this kind of lifestyle, then you realize the necessity of proper recovery.  I will break it down simply into 5 easy steps: COOL DOWN, EAT, STRETCH, MASSAGE, SLEEP! 1)  Cool Down =  5 – 20 minutes (depending on your workout) of light cardio, walking, or low […]

The Importance of Sleep

A good night’s sleep is necessary to perform at the highest level in school, work, and/or sports.  Getting the correct amount of rest is vitally important to our body’s function, in reducing stress, and in keeping us productive.  It is generally recommended that adults get six to nine hours of sleep a night, but as we try […]