Todd Durkin Announces “Big News”; FITBLOK to Change the Fitness World

I have some big news to announce. I have been working hard on a revolutionary training idea that I believe will change the face of fitness. Literally. With the thousands of people I have trained in my career, I often hear the same excuses that rob people of being healthy, fit, and strong: “My workout […]

Foundations of Strength: The Push-Up

Push-ups are probably the most commonly used bodyweight strength callisthenic whether you are working with kids, adults, or pro athletes.   They can be done anywhere and are highly effective for building upper body strength and endurance.  However, in my work with kids, I am finding that fewer and fewer boys and girls are able to […]

Create Your Successful Mindset

Justin Russ, CPT I was having a conversation with one of the Fitness Quest 10 athletes the other day and one part in particular stood out to me. He looked me and my colleagues in the eyes and said, “This is why I train the way I do. This is why I become a demon […]

Get Serious

There’s no surprise in the fact that I spend time each and every day talking with people about their goals.  After all, as a trainer and performance coach, that’s what I do. Normally, I love this part of my work. I like nothing better than to see my clients, teammates and friends succeed. You might […]

“2 for 1 Special” – TRX Movements

Here are 5 TRX movements we utilize that involve alternating between two exercises. You will perform one rep of one exercise followed by one rep of another exercise and continue to alternate back and forth for the desired number of reps. Using the interchanging sequence requires a bit more coordination and core stability. We use […]

The Lighthouses of Training Youth

A navy battleship was in stormy waters when they spotted the light of what appeared to be another vessel in the distance.  The ship’s captain made radio contact with orders for the other vessel to change their course.  “Negative” was the reply.  “We recommend you change your course 15 degrees south to avoid a collision.”  […]

Youth and Calisthenics Part II

In Part I, I had mentioned our youth’s maximizing their body-weight calisthenics for athletic development.  What exactly are calisthenics? Interestingly enough, calisthenics comes from the Greek, kallos meaning‘beauty’ and  sthenos meaning ‘strength’.  Looking at the basic definition of calisthenics it means gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.  I found this definition […]

2011- Your Best Year Yet

I am a true believer. Each Christmas I notice everything printed with Believe or I Believe. Cards, calendars, ornaments, pillows – you’ve probably seen as much as I have or more. Well, I do believe. I believe in positive energy. I believe in persistence and mental toughness. I believe in myself and in others. I […]

4 TRX Partner Moves

Here are 4 TRX movements we came up with that require a partner. FAI recommends one unit per person; however, we felt these were safe, effective alternatives that we incorporate on occasion to infuse a little competition and a lot of fun. Here is a brief breakdown on the 4 exercises: 1. TRX Suspended Burpee […]

Proper Nutrition Advice For Athletes

This month, I had the opportunity to answer some athlete training and nutrition questions from Craig Lane at Boise State University.  As coaches, teachers, and parents, we are often faced with many nutrition issues with our young athletes.  For the record, my nutritional advice is based on research, experience, and practical knowledge that comes from […]