Be GREAT! Characters of Champions!

Here at Fitness Quest 10 we are challenging our young athletes who are attending our summer camps to hold themselves accountable both in the gym AND and home Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort To Get a 3….. Read or write for at least 20 mins. Did extra skill practice (sports or any other hobby) without […]

IMPACT Corner Questions- May

Question: I think I have weightlifters shoulder, how long should I rest? Hate this, any suggestions to your followers. — Shane Huffman Answer: Shane, this is common amongst us guys that overwork on the bench press and pushing exercises, at the expense of not doing enough backside work. This is commonly referred to as upper-crossed […]

Basketball Off-Season Training

Basketball Off-Season Training By Jeff King, MA CSCS Personal Training, Fitness Quest 10 The month of March signified a couple of things—spring is on the horizon and the high school basketball season has gradually wound down to its end. Since mid-November, high school teams all over the United States have put in countless hours practicing […]

A Culture of Mental Toughness

A Culture of Mental Toughness Brett Klika C.S.C.S. “Mental toughness!!” the overweight, out of shape, red faced, coach screamed as his team did their umpteenth set of “gassers” at a 10k pace.  He nodded and smirked knowingly at his coaching staff who was fervently echoing his sentiments.   They had succeeded that day.  The athletes were […]