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5 Reasons Why I’m Nervous About My Live Event Tomorrow

BIG day today as I’m getting ready to kick off my Max-IMPACT Retreat tomorrow. I’m excited, pumped, and even a bit nervous about the weekend-long festivities. The day I don’t get nervous is the day I hang it up. But I’m also really fired up to see people LIVE and to coach my butt off. We’re going deep on dreams. Deep on getting further clarity on one’s divine purpose. And I’m particularly pumped to share my faith-walk and best practices like never before to help people transform their body, mind, and soul.

Check out today’s episode and I hope you find value in it. And if you would like to go deeper in your faith, fitness, or mindset-mastery “walk”, take action today to be part of the LIVESTREAM that I will be doing for anyone who wants to be part of the action starting tomorrow!

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