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Bad Day

I’m up in Toronto, Canada about to kickoff the Canfitpro conference and help them celebrate their 25-year anniversary. I wanted to get this email out before Opening Ceremonies as it kicks off what will be a busy few days.

I must admit that I’m super-pumped to be here in Toronto prepping to take the stage after what was a very interesting week, to say the least.

I had a very tough day earlier this week (Monday) that was unlike any day I’ve had in a long while. You will probably laugh…I was about to cry. Needless to say, my “Mind was NOT right!”

Let me explain….

  1. On Monday, I was walking out of high school football practice where I’m coaching (strength & conditioning and QB’s) and realized that someone backed into my parked car during practice. My front bumper and hood were badly crunched. It’s going to need a whole new front end. Ugghhhhh.Fortunately, the person who backed into the car left a note on the windshield and gave me her name/number. #GoodKarma
  2. Because I was so flustered, I forgot a coaching call I was supposed to conduct and just completely blew it. I don’t EVER remember that happening. I was ticked. Ughh for a 2nd time!
  3. Later that day I had to go to the doctor to get some updated X-rays on my ailing right knee. With each passing minute beyond my scheduled appointment time, I knew I would be late for the 2nd practice of double sessions. I could feel my blood boiling. Close to an hour later, I was called in to get my X-rays.Needless to say, I was not my normal, happy self-conversing with the X-ray tech. I don’t like being late for anything and I don’t like having appointments be 45-minutes behind. Ughhh for a 3rd time!!!

    (Sidenote: I’ll get my reports on the X-rays next week!)

  4. It was so hot at practice that afternoon (98 degrees) that some kids were cramping and experiencing heat-exhaustion like-symptoms. That stuff is no joke and you never take those symptoms lightly. I was experiencing my own anxiety as any coach always feels 100% responsible for all players. Ughhhh a 4th time!!!!
  5. I went to bed angry and frustrated on Monday. That rarely happens to me but man was I hot. As a matter of fact, I chalked up the day as a major loss and at 9:30 pm said, “Forget it, I’m going to bed and I will wake up tomorrow to a new day with a new attitude and turn it up a notch.” And my head hit the pillow!!! #MyMindWasn’tRightAnd to top it all off, I woke up in the middle of the night cramping because I was NOT hydrated properly.

    Man, you are probably laughing right now, saying “Man TD, I didn’t know you had those kinds of days too.” Yep. I sure do. But I never let them dominate me.

Here is what I did the next day to turn things around…

I woke up at 4 am (earlier than normal) Tuesday because my body and mind were ready to release all the toxicity and garbage I was holding onto from the previous day. I truly had to get my mind right.

And I started my morning routine.
I got time in the Word.
I got in my quiet time.

And I started to journal. But I did something different that I’ve never done before in my journal.

Instead of just writing down what I was grateful for, I wrote down how everything that happened the previous day, could have been much worse. And this is what I wrote…

What I’m Grateful for Today and how yesterday could have been much worse…

  • “That I wasn’t going to the oncologist yesterday because of cancer.”
  • “That no one was behind the car when the person backed into it yesterday.”
  • “That the woman who hit my card left a note. It would have been far worse if she hadn’t.”
  • “I’m grateful I didn’t get in a collision on the freeway and get seriously hurt.”
  • “I’m grateful the person who I was supposed to coach on the phone was so understanding.” She felt so bad when I told her about the car and I will make it up to her.
  • “I’m grateful that none of the boys who are pouring their heart and souls into training and football and working becoming winners got seriously sick or injured.”
  • “I’m grateful that we have air-conditioning to deal with the 98-degree heat.”

I finished my journaling and cathartic release of words on paper and went directly into the home gym and crushed a 45-minute workout. Like absolutely smashed all the crappy feelings and emotions from the previous day. Squats, bench, pull-ups, core work, and a bit of #ArmFarm at the end. 🙂

Add in 5-minutes of Wim Hof breathwork at the end of the workout and I was ready for whatever the day brought my way…as long as it was not a repeat of the previous day. 🙂

My friends, it’s easy to #GetUrMindRight when things go your way. But what about when they don’t? Even when many of them are OUTSIDE YOUR CONTROL.

Monday was a weird, wacky day and I felt like all the forces were conspiring at one time to challenge me to my core. And they won for 24-hours.

Sometimes it will be for a day. Sometimes for a few days.

But at some point, you gotta turn it around.
You have to shift perspective.
You have to search for the good in the bad.
You must realize it could always be worse. And that there are always people who do have it way worse than you.
You must maniacally focus on your BEST PRACTICES and HABITS so that can get back on track.
And most importantly, you must GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!!

Take your losses and make them wins. And win more than you lose.

Win more days. They will turn into winning weeks.
Winning weeks turn into winning months.
And winning months turn into winning years.

It all starts with the MINDSET of “WINNING THE DAY!!!”

And yes, like me, you will have some days that you chalk us as “losses.” It’s going to happen. Absorb your losses, take it on the chin, and learn from them.
But don’t let them beat you!

Fight like hell when they happen. Dust yourself off. And come out swinging the next day!!

I hope I made you smile today. Maybe I even made you laugh. Hopefully, I gave you some hope.

Regardless, get out there today and do your best to go WIN THE DAY!!! I will do the same.

Much love…and may your “losses” be few and your WINS be many!


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