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BIG NEWS– 3 BIG Announcements

IMPACT. It’s a word I love. And a word I live by.

Today, I have some major IMPACT news for you – 3 BIG announcements to make. Read all the way through to the end because I need your help with one of them.

All 3 announcements deal with Superstorm Sandy and the devastation it caused for our friends back on the East Coast. Sandy may have pulverized much of the Eastern Seaboard, but it also bonded together communities, towns, and counties. And while I personally have many family members and friends who were crushed by this storm, there are hundreds of thousands of others through New Jersey and New York who were equally hurt and in need of our help.

Announcement #1:  IMPACT Summit News–Major Donation to Sandy efforts

Many of you know that we conducted our 1st online IMPACT Summit October 22-26 with 25 presenters from the fitness industry creating a world-class venue. It was a great success and we received rave reviews from all the attendees. Best of all, the entire IMPACT Summit event was for charity.

We raised $65,000 for the Brees Dream Foundation, the charitable foundation belonging to Drew and Brittany Brees. I am so proud of this event and the IMPACT we created.

But then Superstorm Sandy ravaged the Eastern seaboard. Specifically, it annihilated the area where I grew up on the Jersey Shore. Brick, Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Mantoloking, and Seaside were all badly hit. Families are displaced, businesses are shut down, and people are hurting 24/7. Much of this pain will continue for months. Maybe years. It won’t be the same for a long time.

Since October 29th, the day Sandy hit, my mind has been racing about what we could do to create maximum IMPACT for all those deeply impacted by the storm.

Last week I went to Drew and Brittany and asked if we could divert a portion of the funds raised through the online IMPACT Summit to go to the Sandy relief efforts for our East Coast friends. Man, this was so important to me.

I suggested we divert a small amount, maybe $1K or 5K. Maybe even 10K.

Drew and Brittany agreed that 100% of the $65,000 raised through the IMPACT Summit would go directly to the Sandy relief efforts. Those in NJ and NY specifically will see a large portion of that money.  The rest will be distributed to folks throughout the Eastern seaboard

But this news just keeps getting better.

Drew and Brittany just announced that the Brees Dream Foundation is pledging ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the Sandy Relief efforts! You know what this means… Hurricane Katrina victims now helping other Hurricane victims.

Now that is IMPACT!!!!

Announcement #2:  Durkin IMPACT Foundation Formed

But $65,000 is not going to be enough. And neither is $1 million. The need is so much greater.

My friends, I have been in dream mode. And if you know me, you know I’m a man of ACTION.

But it has taken Superstorm Sandy to spur me into ACTION on this one.

For the past two years, ever since I wrote my book “The IMPACT Body Plan,” I have wanted to create a foundation to give back to those in need. It has been my BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) to create a 501(c) 3, non-profit called the “Durkin IMPACT Foundation,” but I just haven’t done it.

Until now. And it’s only taken a massive storm to spur me into ACTION.

But my mind is made up and we have pulled the trigger. We have filed the paper work and we are just days away from achieving official status as a foundation. We have applied for tax exempt status under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, which will allow for tax-exempt donations. Our dream is almost a reality.

The first goal of the Durkin IMPACT Foundation is to organize a global effort among the fitness community to raise money for Sandy Relief.

How soon? Well, read announcement #3 NOW to hear about the FIRST of MANY IMPACT-ful events we’re launching.

Announcement #3:  IMPACT Event for ALL FITNESS PROFESSIONALS Worldwide for Sandy Relief

(You choose a day preferably anywhere in the week of Dec 3-9)


Yes, you heard that right.  EVERY fitness professional worldwide. Young or old.  “Green” or savvy veteran. Doesn’t matter your niche. We NEED you.

And now is the time.

As fitness professionals, trainers, instructors, and coaches, we are LIFE TRANSFORMERS, right?

Well, now is the time to act. We are needed NOW more than ever. In this time of stress. Adversity. Challenge.

It’s time for us each to step up, reach out and give back in a HUGE way.

This is my call to action: I urge you to participate in what we are going to call:  “A Day of IMPACT.”

Look who has already signed on to help:

TRX is in.
ACE is in.
IDEA is in.
Perform Better is in.
CanFitPro is in.

Everyday more and more industry leaders are signing up to help. And we need YOU!!!!

We want you to run “A Day of IMPACT” at your respective studio. Or health club. Or field. All proceeds will go to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation. Yep, this is ACTION my friends.  Ready, FIRE, Aim….

Every single penny raised by every fitness professional or club around the world will go back to the Sandy relief efforts.

And now we have a way to measure the IMPACT we as an industry can deliver.

Imagine what this would look like?  Imagine the IMPACT we would create working together as an INDUSTRY.

Imagine this…

Fitness Quest 10 raises $1,000 and 100 other trainers and health clubs do the same.  That’s $100,000 we raise as an industry. That’s good.

Imagine Fitness Quest 10 raises $1,000 and 1,000 other trainers and health clubs do the same. That’s $1,000,000. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That’s awesome.

Imagine Fitness Quest 10 raises $10,000 and 1,000 other trainers or health clubs do the same. That’s $10,000,000. TEN MILLION DOLLARS. That’s extraordinary!

EXTRAORDINARY. That’s what we shoot for.

So, to bring it all together and break it down for you, here is what we are going to do at Fitness Quest 10 (You can choose to do anything you want for your “Day of IMPACT”):


Sunday, Dec. 9th

8:30 am–10:30 am

Boot camp class for all fitness enthusiasts looking for not only a great workout, but also for a way to give back to the Sandy relief efforts.

Who will be there: Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, celebrities, Joes, pros… you name it! Cost: $20 suggested donation.

Raffle items: We will have a ton of great items including a TRX Suspension Trainer, RIP Trainer, Fitness Quest 10 services, autographed goods, retail items, etc.

Both Under Armour and Gatorade have committed to support the efforts as well and are going to help make it wildly successful.

But this is NOT enough.

We need YOU and your community involved. Regardless of how “big” or “small,” we need all fitness professionals involved worldwide.

So how do YOU get involved?

1.  It’s simple. First, say “YES!!  I’m in!  I want to help the Sandy relief efforts.”

2.  Host YOUR OWN “Day of IMPACT” event to raise funds (this could be Boot Camp, a Cross-Fit workout, Pilates, Yoga, you name it). OR you can take a portion of your revenue from one day and donate it to the cause. This is going to be a MASSIVE health & fitness industry-related IMPACT EVENT going on simultaneously (preferably between December 3-9) to help our brothers and sisters in a time of extreme need.

The time is NOW and we need YOU.

3.  Start to market it in your community.

4.  Reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook to let me know what’s going on and what you’re doing to create massive IMPACT, and I, in return, will help promote you via my channels. And so will many of our sponsors.

5.  CRUSH the event!

6.  Collect the money and make your donation to the “Durkin IMPACT Foundation” from what YOU raise on YOUR Day of IMPACT.  Again, you will host your own event or class but the idea is to streamline our efforts, donate under ONE name, and then see how much IMPACT we can create as an industry to folks in severe need.

That’s it. Three BIG announcements. But the “Day of IMPACT” event needs YOU.

Please consider participating by sponsoring an event in your community or donating a percentage of one day’s revenue.

To those who have already acted, THANK YOU for stepping up.

But if you have been looking for a way to help or want to do more, this is your chance. This is the BIG ONE. Together, we will create IMPACT.

Peace and love!

Yours in IMPACT.


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