The Importance of Flexibility in Athletes

One of the aspects of training that often gets pushed to the wayside is flexibility.  When we are in a crunch for time, the first thing that gets removed from the workout is stretching.  Unfortunately, that is an important aspect!  Stretching improves and maintains range of motion, reduces stiffness in your joints, reduces soreness, reduces […]

Lessons From a Triathlete

-Cara Regas I recently returned from a whirlwind of traveling… two trips to Hawaii for relatives’ weddings in three weeks!  It was awesome to be constantly outdoors: playing, working out and enjoying the islands.  While I was there, I got the opportunity to speak to a local triathlete (we will call her Ann).  Ann lives […]

Let the Holiday Spirit Move You

By Cara Regas It’s that time of year again.  Yes, the holidays have arrived and so has the food!  The classic gifts of frankincense and Muir have been replaced by excessive amounts of fudge and cookies.  Although they look delicious, they are loaded with unnecessary calories.  I know what you are thinking: it’s the holidays; […]

Run Right

by Cara Regas When it comes to distance running, we all know how to run, right? Well, not necessarily. We run, but we may dismiss learning proper form because we were either never taught, or we just think that running form only matters in elite runners.  It is important for everyone to learn proper running […]

Beat The Heat

“Beat The Heat” — By Cara Regas, Strength and conditioning coach at Fitness Quest 10. With summer temperatures rising, the risk of heat illness also increases.  Here are a few tips to so you can enjoy physical activity and exercise as well as to reduce the risk of heat illness: 1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Drink […]