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Lessons From a Triathlete

-Cara Regas

I recently returned from a whirlwind of traveling… two trips to Hawaii for relatives’ weddings in three weeks!  It was awesome to be constantly outdoors: playing, working out and enjoying the islands.  While I was there, I got the opportunity to speak to a local triathlete (we will call her Ann).  Ann lives in Canada the majority of the time, but travels to the Big Island three months of every year to train for Ironman competitions.  I asked her if she has many injuries and while Ann gets some nagging pains here and there, she has been able to avoid the major injuries that triathletes typically obtain.


Ann is fortunate enough to spend three straight months of the year just focusing on training, which the rest of us may not be able to achieve.  Because she has that time, she trains for a few hours a day and takes just as much time recovering.  Ann ices/ or takes an ice bath, stretches, foam rolls, gets bi-monthly massages, eats strictly, and hydrates.  Not only does she build her body strength through working out (biking, swimming, running, weight lifting) but Ann improves her flexibility, maintains her lean muscle mass, and keeps her body hydrated.  She does it all. Ann’s hard work and determination pay off by being injury free.  Take a lesson from Ann, and take care of your whole body: strength, flexibility, rest, recovery, & nutrition.

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