Why my son chose High Point University over Princeton University…

I dropped Brady off for college this past weekend. Ever since he was very young, he wanted to go to Princeton University. Heck, he even created from the campus at Princeton when he was about 10-years old. But Brady’s not going to Princeton. He didn’t get in there. He actually didn’t even apply. But he […]

The Tale of Two Wolves

Do you ever waver between “good” and “bad” thoughts in a day? Or one minute you are feeling positive and “up” and the next minute you are feeling negative, down, or depressed? I hear you. I was speaking at Christian Unified Schools (El Cajon, CA) this past week to 800+ kids at chapel and the […]

Faith, Fitness, & Food—3 Elements to Integrate When Times Get Tough | Ep. 321

I’m speaking to someone today. Not sure if you are facing any challenge, setback, adversity, hard-times, or some tough-luck, but chances are there might be something going on that you need to battle through. Maybe you are facing some stress, frustration, or anxiety, and need to battle right now. Sometimes when you are facing these […]

Q&A on Mindset, Family, & LIFE | Part 1

I love fielding your questions. Especially when it comes to a range of topics from mindset, business, adversity, family, and life. I recently had a live, in-person 1-day event in San Diego. One of the things I shared is that I would highlight some of these great people who had a question I could answer […]

Coaching Greatness & Making Dreams Come True | Ep. 316 with Kelli Watson

I have long said that Coach Kelli Watson is one of the greatest coaches in the world. I’ve been side-by-side with her for over a decade and witnessed her coach people inside all my programs as she’s one of my LEAD coaches. She’s an incredible listener, she’s smart as heck, asks the “right” questions to […]

What happens after “18-Summers” is over?

Many moons ago, when my kids were just about 5, 3, and 1-years old, I shared the story about “18-Summers” and that we only have 18-summers with our kids before they are all grown-up and out of the house. And that time goes by fast so we must maximize EVERY summer while the kiddos are […]