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Press the Flesh (Part 2) & the Tale of Two Wolves | Ep. 352 with Joe Pangelinan

In Dec 2020, my great friend Joe Pangelinan was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Ten-months later, he came on the podcast (Ep. 219) and we recorded one of the deepest episodes to date called “Press the Flesh (Part 1).” Well, it was then that he also shared he would like to come back on the podcast in ONE YEAR with an update.

Well, we didn’t do it…until TODAY. 2.5 years later after his debut on the podcast, and almost 3.5 years after his lung-cancer diagnosis, Joe Pangelinan is back in the saddle and on the IMPACT SHOW. I thought the first one was epic. This is one for the ages. It is deep. It is timeless. And it is full of SOUL.

Here is just some of what we talked about on this iconic episode of the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW:

  • The “Tale of Two Wolves.”

  • Updates on Joe’s health diagnosis physically and mindset.

  • How has your mindset shifted the most since your diagnosis.

  • Do you live in fear or are you scared to die?

  • How does “acceptance” of your diagnosis and current state of health fit into all this?

  • What is your “perspective on life” now and how is it different than what it was prior to your diagnosis?

  • Purpose in life. Expand on how that has evolved and where your focus is now and how you are truly living your divine purpose.

  • Brenna & Cayden are your two kids. Talk about how your relationship has evolved over the last 3.5 years and how you have become even closer with them.

  • Cayden is now in grad school completing graduate work in cancer research. How does this make you feel?

  • What is your dream vacation?

  • Legacy. Talk about yours and what you are most excited for?

  • Joe reads the “Tale of Two Wolves. WOW.

What a conversation with Joe Pangelinan. Awe-Inspiring. Extraordinary. Divine. Soul. LIFE. I hope you enjoy this episode and find tremendous value in what Joe shares. It really is one for the ages and hope that you can share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and community. Please also share it on your social media and tag me at:

IG/Twitter: @ToddDurkin

FB: @ToddDurkinFQ10


Ep. 219 Replay: Press the Flesh (Part 1)

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