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7 Reasons why I’m grateful…and my GRATITUDE WALL

Good morning. Gratitude fills my heart today. I realize that gratitude is a choice. 

It’s easy to be grateful when things are GREAT.

It’s not always so easy to be gratetful when things aren’t GREAT.

That’s when you really have to fight for your gratitude. Can I get an “Amen” to that?!!

One of the best habits we can do is start each day with Gratitude. And bookend the day with finishing your day with some reflective GRATEFUL thoughts also. 

Maybe it’s one thing…

Maybe it’s 3 things… 

O perhaps it’s even 5 things…

Today, I choose to share “7” things I’m grateful for (And when I’m done, I’d love to know a few of the things YOU are most grateful for also…). 

Here are just 7 things I’ve been grateful for in the past few weeks alone:

  1. The Padres “Pedal the Cause” event this past weekend.

WOW. It was just so awesome to make such an IMPACT like this. FQ10 raised over $50,000. There were millions raised from this ONE event alone. WOW is right! 

I was honored to share a few motivational words before the start of the 5K Walk/Jog. I reminded everyone to use this time to as a focused 30-minutes, 45-minutes, or 90-minutes to THINK. REFLECT (be grateful). And DREAM!!!

TD Speaking at the Padres Pedal The Cause Event & FQ10 Representing!!


And Joe Pangelinan. 25+ year friend. Battling stage IV lung-cancer now for 3.5 years. Just so inspiring (Listen to last week’s podcast with Joe on Ep. 352 called “Press The Flesh”). 


My man Joe Pangelinan making Serious IMPACT in his fight of Cancer

  1. Robin Sharma. Ep. 353 of the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW!!!

‘Nough said. He is one of the most iconic humanitarians, leaders, and authors of our time. I’ve studied with him for over 15-years. And I’ve devoured every single one of his books. And he just came out with another one yesterday. Read “The Wealth Money Can’t Buy” now.


Robin Sharma on the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW this week!!


  1. GRATEFUL for the BIG NEWS last week…

 My BIGGEST LIFE-TRANSFORMATION EVENT of the year to help drive one’s body, mind, soul…and LIFE to even more success & success!!!

I made a HUGE announcement last week that I will be hosting the TODD DURKIN IMPACT SUMMIT in July 2024 in Los Angeles, CA.

This event is OPEN to everyone, and NOT just trainers, coaches, and fit-pros. I invite you to take a look at the logistics for the event of the year right here…

BE PART of the Iconic IMPACT SUMMIT this July 11-14, 2024

In Los Angeles, CA!!!

BE a part of this ICONIC event!!!

#BeIconic #PureGratitude #IMPACT

  1. Giving away a Therabody THERAGUN! 

Would you like to win it?

Seriously, we are giving away a Therabody Theragun valued over $400 this Friday. For FREE. 

If you would like to win the Theragun, simply fill out this simple form (just name & email) so we can raffle it off this Friday.  Here’s the form if you would like to win… LINK.

TD Ready to Give out a FREE Theragun This Friday on LIVE… Enter to WIN!!!

Enter the Theragun Giveaway NOW….

Grateful to certainly be doing this!!

  1. I’m giving away $45,000 in Spartan & Tough-Mudder Race Tickets…including FREE TICKETS for this Weekend’s Spartan Run!!

Thank you to Spartan & Tough Mudder, we recently signed a sponsorship agreement. Part of that is they have gifted anyone in my Tribe and community 2 things:

  1. A FREE TICKET for anyone who wants to do the Spartan Race (WITH ME!) this weekend in San Diego. I’ll be kicking off the 11 am race with a fiery motivational pep-talk. Your FREE TICKET for this weekend can be redeemed by putting “TD-COMP” in at checkout for YOU and anyone who would like to do it with YOU!
  2. 30% OFF any other Spartan or Tough Mudder ticket for the rest of 2024 anywhere nationwide. BOOM! Simply put in “TD-30-OFF” in at checkout for YOU and anyone who would like to do it with you. 

Here are the websites (with dates, logistics, etc.)

** You will need to pay a nominal handling fee for either of these awesome opportunities.

  1. Our 12-new people in IMPACT-X Coaching (Cohort #2). 

It’s going to be an intense year of personal and professional growth. Buckle up. Congrats to the following people:

LIST OUT all 12 names in 2 or 3 columns…

My heart is full and GRATITUDE persists. I relish the opportunity to GO DEEP and create some serious IMPACT over the next 12-months with these peeps.

  1. My daughter’s driving.

Actually, I am NOT grateful for that. But I know she is. So that makes me happy! ☹

Haha. I’m very grateful for my entire family but this was too good to pass up!! ☺

I actually have ONE more. It’s considered my “AND THEN SOME.”

  1. YOU!! 

Yep. I mean that. This past Sunday night (the evening of the “Padres Pedal The Cause” event, I did something I hadn’t done in a long time…

I read every single letter on my GRATITUDE WALL in my home office. 

This is an array of dozens of letters from people over the years who have hand-written me “Gratitude” notes and sent to me.

My GRATITUDE WALL in the Home-Office

Normally, I might just read “one” a week and reflect on that person or that event, that a person alludes to in the letter. 

And I realized some of the notes went back 10+ years.

Some were former interns. 

Some were from people who read one of my books. 

Some were from people who attended a retreat or live event.

Some were people from one of my coaching groups and had a sense of keen ‘Gratitude.’

Some were people from people who listened to a keynote.

Some were employees. 

Some were from athletes. 

Some were from kids who heard me talk at a camp, clinic, school, or church.

They were from all walks of life. Why do I share? Because THEIR Gratitude made ME even feel more GRATEFUL. And made me BETTER.

As a man whose “love language” is “words of affirmation,” I really enjoyed that time of reading all those notes. And all the other aforementioned things as well. 

GRATITUDE. An attitude of gratitude is always a great place to hang. 

Spend some extra time in GRATITUDE this week and watch how it shifts your energy, your attitude, your mindset, your aura, your…EVERYTHING.

Much love…and tons of GRATITUDE.



P.S. What are 1, 3, 5, or even 7 things you are MOST GRATEFUL for?

Drop it over on the post I just made on my Instagram or Facebook NOW…

I’d love to see it!!

Thanks so much! Create a great day!!

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