My Fitness Journey: Jeff King

I am a trainer. I am a person who loves to workout and inspire people to reach their health and fitness goals. I am a person who is aware of what I eat and how it affects me. I am a father who wants to inspire my daughter to live a lifestyle where physical, mental, […]

Fallacies/Misconceptions in Training Youth Athletes

I have trained young athletes for the past seven years. It has been a great experience inspiring the youth of America and making them better all around. During my many interactions with various athletes and teams, there have been some common statements being made in regards to properly training young athletes. Some are sound and […]

Don’t be Scared of Greatness

Don’t be Scared of Greatness By Jeff King, C.S.C.S Who do you consider GREAT and how do you define GREATNESS? Recently I caught myself thinking about people who were or are great. Kobe Bryant, Steve Jobs, John Wooden, Denzel Washington and Magic Johnson just to name a few. All exemplify what greatness is about. Then […]

Basketball Off-Season Training

Basketball Off-Season Training By Jeff King, MA CSCS Personal Training, Fitness Quest 10 The month of March signified a couple of things—spring is on the horizon and the high school basketball season has gradually wound down to its end. Since mid-November, high school teams all over the United States have put in countless hours practicing […]

IMPACT Corner Questions March 2012 – Todd Durkin

Thanks for your questions on our Facebook LIKE Pages ( and on our Twitter feed ( this past week.  I always enjoy hearing from you and connecting via our Social Media outlets.   If you have a question that you would like to ask, please visit one of the links above and share your question.  […]

Great Strides can be made with a little K.I.S.S.

By: Jeff King M.A., C.S.C.S I am reading Dan John’s book “Never Let Go.” This is a great read. John shares his philosophies on lifting as well as life. Many things resonated with me thus far but one in particular inspired me to write this article. John discusses that when things get difficult, such as […]

Things I Learned This Summer Teaching Young Kids

By Jeff King MA C.S.C.S. 1. Kids can be successful if placed in the right environment.   At Fitness Quest 10 we pride ourselves in fostering an environment which is energetic, encouraging, and educational. Our programs are designed to where every kid is able to achieve success throughout the camp. It was such a sight […]

A Typical Day Interning at Fitness Quest 10

By: Intern Charleston             Today we started with Quest 10 kids in the lower facility. These kids are a lot of fun and they are definitely a good group of kids that need to be encouraged and supported.  Coach Jeff King does an excellent job with this camp by giving the kids something to be […]

The S’s Of Success Training Youth

By Jeff King, C.S.C.S., Fitness Quest 10 Being a member of training staff at Fitness Quest 10 I sit back and ponder what makes our athletic programs unique and stand out from others around the country? I began to think about my own training philosophy towards young kids and what I try to implement with […]

The 4 C’s of Coaching Young Athletes

One thing I enjoy being as a strength coach is being able to train young athletes. Over the past 5 ½ years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to train many young athletes at all levels. What I have come to realize, is there is a lot more that goes into training young athletes […]