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A Typical Day Interning at Fitness Quest 10

By: Intern Charleston

            Today we started with Quest 10 kids in the lower facility. These kids are a lot of fun and they are definitely a good group of kids that need to be encouraged and supported.  Coach Jeff King does an excellent job with this camp by giving the kids something to be excited about. Today’s camp was the first Monday camp for the new kids who joined for the second session of the summer. There were a few returners who were excited to be back. We had eight different stations that gave the kids exercises that got them doing things that kids should be doing, like climbing over tires, throwing giant med balls, throwing punches on mitts, and reaction to unpredictable circumstances (reaction ball into rebounder).  As always, we ended with some words of encouragement and making sure the kids brought a healthy snack with them to show the importance of good nutrition to them.

            Immediately after Quest 10 kids, I started to help coach Chelsea Ellwood with the Scripps Ranch field hockey camp before I had to leave to help with football. Chelsea is a perfect fit for this group, she is a strong female presence that demands a lot out of her athletes, but also knows how to relate to them.

            This is my second week working with Scripps Ranch football.  I really enjoy working with the freshmen who are excited to learn, although many of them are like the typical freshmen, just looking wide-eyed and lost, but these kids work hard and do not disappoint. Coach James Wheeler knows how to always keep the attention of the players by making his drills fast paced and fun and the kids respond well to his coaching style.

             Working with the Scripps Ranch varsity and JV football went pretty well. Coach Matt Brown does a great job with this group because he is very thorough in explaining his drills and seeks perfection in them.  He allowed me to teach the JV players some lateral movements and work some acceleration drills, which was pretty exciting since I was not expecting it and I was used to doing it with the little kids from Pop Warner. Nevertheless it is always great coaching experience.

            This evening, I helped with Pop Warner again.  I like the Pop Warner camp because the kids seem really distant at first, but once I got a feel for them and they got a little used to me, coaching them seemed to get easier. Coach Ryan Burgess does an awesome job with this camp.   He emphasizes the importance of discipline and hustle, which is vital to a young athlete’s career. To be honest, this camp scared me a bit at first.  All the kids were kind of overwhelming.   Throughout my time working with this camp, I actually really enjoy this camp and can honestly say this is my favorite camp to coach! Overall, it was another great day at FQ10. I worked a lot, but learned a lot more!

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