Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

Guest Article: Jack of All Trades, Master of None? By Natalie Peterson Nothing will hold you back more in life than spending too much time comparing yourself to someone else. Instead of focusing on the strengths of others, spend your time focusing on and developing your strengths. What are you meant to do? Have you […]


Live Inspired! By Natalie Peterson The things that you do and how you do them have an impact on the people around you. It becomes a ripple effect, those that you influence go on to influence others. Whether you are in a leadership role in your professional life or not, you are an influencer of […]

Shortcut to Success…

By Natalie Peterson MS, CSCS There are no shortcuts. Even though I know better, I still try to find them. When thinking about shortcuts, I realized that there are so many areas in my life that it is tempting to take a shortcut. For example: In traffic on my way home Especially when I am […]

7 Tips To Surviving The Holidays

It is already that time of year, that time when we need to begin strategizing on how we are going to get through the holiday season on track with our own personal health and fitness goals not falling by the wayside. It starts with Halloween. If you have kids, I am willing to bet your […]

Are You Trapped By Your Habits?

In so many cases our habits help us in our everyday lives. We form routines that help us to be more efficient, to remember to turn off the lights when we leave the house, to choose the best route to work, to exercise daily and to set us up for success in our daily lives. […]

Top 5 ways Yoga Impacts My Life

This past weekend I found myself on the yoga mat again. Yoga is a huge part of my regular routine. As I went through my flow, I was inspired to share what yoga means to me, and why I continually come back to my mat for more.  But first – the 2 best quotes from […]

A Simple Summer Salad Dressing

Are you looking for a quick, easy and healthy salad dressing recipe? Check out what on of our World-Class trainers Natalie brown uses to add a little bite to her salads! Ingredients: Olive or Grapeseed oil (1/4 c) Red Wine Vinegar (3/4 c) Fresh Pressed Garlic 1-4 cloves depending on preference Fresh Ground Pepper This […]

My Fitness Journey: Natalie Brown

When I was 6 years old I told my Mom and Dad that I didn’t want to play soccer anymore because “I hated running!”  This was a very interesting way to start my fitness journey. For those that know me now, times have changed. I love to run now. However, my 6 year old self […]

Easier to Stop than Start, taking it to the next level in 2012!

By Natalie Brown, MS, CSCS Director of Todd Durkin Enterprises and Personal Trainer at Fitness Quest 10 2012 can be your best year ever! The first month of the New Year is almost at a close and we are all making game changing moves to propel us to the next level. I suspect individually we […]