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Live Inspired!

By Natalie Peterson

The things that you do and how you do them have an impact on the people around you. It becomes a ripple effect, those that you influence go on to influence others. Whether you are in a leadership role in your professional life or not, you are an influencer of people. We are all connected. We can either be a life force, or an energy vampire.

What kind of impact do you have on other people? Is it what you desire it to be? I believe, in order to leave the most positive and lasting impression on those that we come into contact with in our lives, we must be living inspired. To live inspired means many things. Depending on who you ask you may get hundreds of different answers. I know that if I ask one of my mentors, Todd Durkin, to live inspired means to always be dreaming big. It means taking calculated risks in order to live life to the fullest. It means, ready, FIRE, aim – to never miss out on an opportunity because of fear.

To me, living inspired means to always listen to your heart. To listen to your inner guidance, the internal compass that while confusing at times will never leave you lost. It means to listen to that voice even when it is the hardest thing to do. If you are listening to your heart you are consistently doing the things that make your soul sing, the things that bring you joy, and you leave a trail of happiness wherever you go.

Those that lead others strive to live inspired. They know that the more inspired they are day to day, the better they can serve others. To live inspired is to look fear in the face and go after your goals anyway. When you are living inspired you are paving the way for those that come after you. You are their example.

What inspires you? If you don’t know, I encourage you to dig deep and discover what it is.

Once you know your inspiration, ask your team at work, your friends, your spouse. Be the voice of courage that will lead others to live an inspired life.

If you are unsure where to begin, here are a few of Todd’s top tips for living inspired and inspiring others:

1. Determine your BIG 5 for life and read them everyday
2. Journal time & quiet time everyday
3. Read the books that will make you 1% better everyday


  1. Stop and be present – be there to listen
  2. GIVE more
  3. “Water people daily” –build others up

What are your tips for living inspired? I would love to hear from you! Please comment and share below.


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-Natalie Peterson, Director of IMPACT Leadership

Natalie is a naturally positive and energetic coach, speaker and transformational leadership development expert. As a part of the Todd Durkin Enterprises team her focus is bringing IMPACT Leadership into organizations around the world to help leaders in the workforce impact their teams with passion & purpose.

She believes in a few simple truths when it comes to making things happen in your life. It starts with owning, knowing and developing who you are and continues with making sure that you are as healthy as possible in mind, body & soul. Natalie has a natural ability to see the best in people and to help bring that out in them. She would love to do the same for you.

If you believe the IMPACT Leadership program would be a good fit for your organization contact Natalie:


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