W.O.W. Tradition

I need to talk about a great experience I had on Friday night. As many of you know, I had the chance to do the pre-game speech before a high-school football game here in San Diego (Westview vs. Carlsbad) on Friday night.  Westview is where we do a lot of our field work with our […]

Stay Strong: In-Season High School Football Training

Stay Strong: In-Season High School Football Training Ryan Burgess, CSCS rburgess@fitnessquest10.com FQ10 Director of Football Development With Labor Day weekend in the rearview mirror that means one thing across this country: football is here.  From Pop-Warner all the way to NFL, the regular season has kicked off, beginning the weekly march towards a coveted championship.  […]

IMPACT Corner Questions March 2012 – Todd Durkin

Thanks for your questions on our Facebook LIKE Pages (www.facebook.com/ToddDurkinFQ10) and on our Twitter feed (www.Twitter.com/ToddDurkin) this past week.  I always enjoy hearing from you and connecting via our Social Media outlets.   If you have a question that you would like to ask, please visit one of the links above and share your question.  […]

Justins Russ’ Update on Interning at FQ10

By: Intern Justin Russ Over the course of the past several weeks, I can say with complete confidence that this internship has been a truly remarkable experience. Highlights to date include: playing catch with Drew Brees (and being so star-struck that I dropped a pass from 5 yards away), meeting TRX creator Randy Hetrick, competing […]

The 7 Principles of NFL Athleticism

by Ryan Burgess Baseball may still be America’s pastime, but professional football is America’s passion. Every Sunday the attention of an entire nation is locked on the NFL and the jaw-dropping athleticism of its players.  Sunday can be an excuse for people to sit around eating like pigs and drinking like fish.  While those around […]

No Fear

By Ryan Burgess It seems these days that “Hope” is en vogue.  I hear a lot of people talking about how they “hope” to keep their job, they’re “hoping” the economy rebounds, or they “hope” they’ll be in a better place in a year or two.  Some of these people have crystal clear visions of […]

Need vs Want

By Ryan Burgess As we grow, it’s human nature to avoid things that cause us discomfort, and instead seek out things that we find pleasurable. Part of this is biological: we are literally hard-wired so that once something has caused pain, the brain will help steer us away from that particular cause in the future. […]

Breaking Through Plateaus

By Ryan Burgess When an unhealthy individual finally decides to commit and improve their health and fitness, the initial focus is usually on one area: exercise. They may try to “diet” in the beginning, but most “diets” don’t even last longer than it will take for you to read this article. Before long, old eating […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in the New Year

by Ryan Burgess “Unless we go beyond what we’ve already mastered, we will not grow.” Take a minute, and re-read that quote. Think about those words, and think about what they mean to you. Now ask yourself, “Am I truly doing everything in my power to go beyond what I already know?” Too much of […]

Breaking Down the Wall

by Ryan Burgess If you were to ask family, friends, co-workers, even random strangers “Do you want to be ‘better’?”, how do you think they would respond? The majority would most likely say yes. If you were to follow that up, however, with “what does ‘better’” mean?” and “how will you get there”, it would […]